NASA National Sanitation and Enviornment Improvment Foundation
A non-profit Voluntary Organisation
Reenacted Dandi March- 2005
Again a new turning point was awaiting for NASA Foundation...
Ujjain Simhasth Kumbh Mela
However, year 2004 was all together proved to be a new turning point and innovative experience....
Palitana Project
NASA Foundation has undertaken its 61st major project to build a public sanitation facility...
Water Management

I.Check Dams
Check dams that prevent rain water from flowing away are a part of the exercise in rain water harvesting and water conservation. This calls for heaving engineering effort and the cooperation of the local governing body such as the municipal corporation or the Panchayat.

II. Field Irrigation Tanks/Reservoir
Rain water harvesting is conducted by NASA in those regions where scarcity of water inhibits agriculture. Deep pools or raised reservoirs made of RCC are constructed for the farming community. The water is shared by local consensus, and NASA charges a small fee for technical aid and know-how.

III. Well Recharging
Well recharging is conducted by NASA for localities and farm lands where water is severely scarce. Rain water is diverted to dry-wells and recharge wells by gravitational flow. Water passing into a recharge well is channeled through a de-silting tank to remove pollutants.

Cost of engineering activities and equipments such as submersible drilling and pumps, and even repairing and construction of new wells provided by NASA are borne by the local community.

Jal Sanchay Abhayan (Water Management) Water Tank provided to Dakor Municipal Corporation by NASA