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Reenacted Dandi March- 2005
Again a new turning point was awaiting for NASA Foundation...
Ujjain Simhasth Kumbh Mela
However, year 2004 was all together proved to be a new turning point and innovative experience....
Palitana Project
NASA Foundation has undertaken its 61st major project to build a public sanitation facility...
Ujjain Simhasth Kumbh Mela- 2004

However, year 2004 was all together proved to be a new turning point and innovative experience for NASA foundation. In Madhya Pradesh, Ujjain Simhasth Kumbh Mela 2005 was to start form March in 2004 onwards to two months and 20 millions people were expected to visit Kumbh Mela during two months. Therefore, 20000 (twenty thousand) units of toilets and baths were planned for use of pilgrims by the Kumbh Mela Authorities. Sintex Industries Ltd. of Kalol, Gujarat was successful in getting this work of providing such toilet-bath blocks form molded plastic material. The question of maintenance of 20000 units was to be solved, during two months period. NASA Foundation was approached for such work. It was all together a different type of work then maintaining of sanitation complex. However, with all our calculations we accepted the work of maintenance of 20000 such units for long period of two months. We hired 1200 people, for which 200 people were taken from Gujarat and other 1000 people were recruited locally. NASA Foundation successfully did the same work for two months round the clock and the same was appreciated by local authorities, state government and also Sintex Ltd. For ground level workers of NASA it was a different experience to take care of thousands of pilgrims who basically visited Kumbh Mela for religious purpose. After this new type of experience NASA Foundation had become known as an innovative agency to accept new challenges in the filed of public sanitation.

Sulabh Shauchalay at Ujjain Kumbh Mela 2004 Ujjain Simhash Kumbh Mela-2004 Mr. Ramesh Oza with workers of Nasa Foundation (Porbandar) Newly Constructed template Sandeepni Ashram -Porbandar