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Reenacted Dandi March- 2005
Again a new turning point was awaiting for NASA Foundation...
Ujjain Simhasth Kumbh Mela
However, year 2004 was all together proved to be a new turning point and innovative experience....
Palitana Project
NASA Foundation has undertaken its 61st major project to build a public sanitation facility...
Help provided to affected poor in recent rains

However, last but not least, is another turning point for NASA Foundation in the excessive rains during June-2005 in Gujarat. Our devoted workers thought to work at Dakor, why Dakor because Dakor is the first pilgrim place where in February- 2005, we constructed a most modern community toilet/ bath/ drinking water (multi facilities complex) with foreign funds, and therefore, we had a basis for Dakor, We made a plan to help these people and we got Rs. 2 Lacs of donation form foreign friends and we started our work to distribute food packets containing wheat, millet, rice, jiggery and cereals so that they can manage for one week(each packet was of 30 Kgs).We distributed such packets to 400 families who were affected in the vicinity of Dakor. However, along with this we were appreciated by local authority, and they also approached NASA to clean Dakor which became very dirty during last rain. We hired 20 sweepers and for one month they cleaned whole Dakor in all sectors. With God help we received some donation which was spent for this purpose. Therefore, the history of NASA Foundation is not a history of static organization, but an organization accepting new challenges in the filed of public sanitation.

If these points are consider as an innovative idea taking place, kindly consider our efforts for Deshbhakt Purskar.

Rainwater Harvesting Cleaning / Maintenance by NASA, Ahmedabad NASA, Nadiad