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Again a new turning point was awaiting for NASA Foundation...
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However, year 2004 was all together proved to be a new turning point and innovative experience....
Palitana Project
NASA Foundation has undertaken its 61st major project to build a public sanitation facility...
Palitana Projects

National Sanitation and Environmental Improvement Foundation (NASA Foundation) has undertaken its 61st major project to build a public sanitation facility comprising bath/toilet/lockers/restrooms at the foothills of the Palitana temples – one of the most sacred pilgrim places for Jains.

The Need :
To respect the sanctity of the Palitana Dera, sanitation facilities are not allowed at the deras on the hilltop. The religious protocol requires the visitors to purify before starting the climb; the pilgrims have to use a dharamshala, which is available only to their daytime or overnight paid guests. We believe the availability of a clean sanitation facility built and managed by the NASA Foundation, will prove to be very beneficial to the pilgrims for many years to come.

    Taleti Road - to go to pay & use sanitation complex for yatraru to be built by NASA Foundation
    At Palitana, near Jain eating place (Bhatha Ghar), NASA Foundation of Ahmedabad will construct Pay & Use toilet complex for yatraru, whose foundation was done on 15th July 2007.
    Jain Sadhavi offers Auspious (Mangalik) prayers on occasion of foundation laying ceremony of NASA Foundation Pay & Use complex to be used by yatraru

Sheth Anandji Kalyanji Trust has given 160 square meters of land near Bhataghar near the base of the Palitana hills to construct modern public sanitation facilities for the use by pilgrims. NASA estimates the total cost to be around Rs.18 Lacks (US $ 45,000). Groundbreaking for the project took place on July 15th, 2007, and NASA anticipates completion of the project by January 2008. The plan is to build handicapped-accessible complex comprising of 10 baths, 10 toilets, 2 western-style toilets with attached baths, 10 urinals, 2 changing rooms for women and men, and 100 lockers.

Thanks to generous donations from our supporters, we have already raised 30% of the funds towards the project. Your financial support is vital to the success of this important project that is designed to serve thousands of Jain pilgrims that visit this sacred place each year.

Site Plan

How to donate :

NASA Foundation is registered with Government of India under Foreign Contribution Registration Act. For tax-deductible donation in the US, you may send a check payable to “Gujarat Foundation” with a note indicating to use the donation for the Palitana Project of the NASA Foundation. Gujarat Foundation is a registered non-profit organization in the U.S. Please send the donation to :

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